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Gorillas Tracking and Safaris in Uganda.

Uganda’s dense forests are home to over half the world’s 1000 or so mountain gorillas (as of May 2018) - the rest live in the neighboring Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As they do not survive in captivity, preservation of these fragile habitats is essential for their survival.

Gorillas display uncanny human characteristics. The close-knit family groups are headed by a silverback - a mature male - who selects places for the group to eat and sleep, and has many privileges, including the right to feed first. This privilege pays off for the rest of the family, as if the group is threatened, the silverback - weighing up to 120kg (260lbs) - will defend them to the death, if necessary.

Generally though, the gorilla is a gentle species. They are considered to be highly intelligent, have been observed using tools like other great apes, and communicate using a variety of vocal sounds.

The name gorilla comes from the Greek gorillai - meaning hairy women.

There are two gorilla trekking spots in Uganda: Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Gorillas don’t pay mind to political borders, so populations across the Virungas are relatively fluid. Uganda has an edge, however, since Bwindi alone is home to half of the world’s mountain gorillas.

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Chimpazee Trekking in Uganda

One of the most exciting animals to see on a safari in Uganda is the chimpanzee. Next to gorillas these are the most popular primate species among tourists. Uganda has a population of close to 5000 chimpanzees distributed in the various forests and game parks. The chimpanzee population in Uganda used to be much higher than it is today. It used to number in tens of thousands but poaching and unstable political environment led to the continual decline in population. Chimpanzees were even hunted for food or sold as pets.

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