Health Tips

Mandatory requirement to enter Uganda;

Yellow fever certificate,

Kindly arrange to have one as you prepare to enter Uganda through any of its border crossings like-Entebbe International Airport, Malaba, Cyanika, Katuna, Mutukula, Ishasha, boarder posts and many others.

Malaria prophylaxis is a must on any trip to this equatorial country. Weekly Mefloquine, daily Doxycyline are or weekly Chbroquine with daily Paludrine are recommended prophylactic agents. These should be used only as an adjunct to physical preventative measures such as mosquito netting, insect repellant and protective clothing. It is sometimes advised you also carry a course of treatment if visiting remote areas.

A week prior to your trip, consult your personal physician or travel advisory clinic for currently recommended regiments (e.g. Artenam, Doxycyline, and Fansidar or Quinine and Tetracycline).

Effective vaccinations against Hepatitis, Meningitis that usually attacks in the dry seasons of December - June, Polio, Tetanus, Typhoid and Yellow Fever are available and recommended. Rabies vaccination is not recommended unless you plan to handle rodents.

It is recommended that you drink bottled water whilst in Uganda or purify all your water by boiling or sterilizing with iodine or chlorine tablets.

Use your discretion when eating local foods and peel or wash all fresh fruit and vegetables. This is a remedy for a range of diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid, stomach upsets, dysentery, and cholera among others.

It is advisable to bring a basic medical kit although most medical supplies may be purchased in Uganda. This should include bandages, cotton wool, a variety of sticking plasters, mercurochrome or similar disinfectant, analgesia, thermometer and anti-histamine cream. Medical facilities are limited outside Kampala, you are therefore advised to have health insurance just incase.

If you must have sexual intercourse with anyone you have met in the country, then it is advisable to have it protected as the HIV AIDS prevalence rates are high. It is also recommended you carry along own condoms as there is known to exist counterfeit condoms on the Uganda market.

It is advisable to have sunscreen, wear sunglasses/shades for protection from dust, bacteria and insects. This helps protect from eye problems especially bacterial conjunctivitis commonly known as pink eye. You are cautioned to ask about any health issues before your trip. Enjoy a healthy trip.

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